Cera Clear Wax

The ideal protection for plaster and furniture, Cera Clear Wax provides a water-resistant layer with one easy application.

Repelling water and protecting against dirt and impurities, the transparent layer seals the surface it is applied to, providing a polished finish for a lustrous look.

Easy to apply with a sponge or cloth, it dries to an opaque finish, but can be buffed to acquire the level of sheen desired. Perfect for use with our range of decorative plasters, it is also useful for a variety of surfaces, offering cost-effective, simple and durable protection.



Easy to Apply

Water Resistant

Easy Cleaning

Colour Options


NW01 Clear


NW02 Black

How to Use

Can be apply with soft cloth, sponges or trowel, rub off excess wax. Initially applies to an opaque finish, but can be buffed with soft cloth to increase the sheen.
12 fl oz covers approximately 80-100 square feet. Depending on surface porosity and texture.
Approximately 24 hours depending on the kind of substrate and its absorption rate, in stable atmospheric conditions (T=25°C, UR=60%).
Surfaces to be finished must be clean, dry and free of wax, grease, scaling paint and mildew.

Trowel Needed

Sponge Needed

Cloth Needed

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